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Fast Waxer

Easy to Use

Fast Waxing Time

Patented product



Practical and Ergonomical

Time Saving




Universal Use



Time Saving

Practical and Ergonomical

Universal Use

Easy and fast Modelling

For all type of wax

You can hold the waxer like a pen, with a light pressure of the fingers it is possible to decide the quantity of wax to be released.

How to use the waxer

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Removable Dentures

Waxer Specifically designed for removable dentures

Time saving during waxing and modeling in removable dentures, in 5 minutes you can put wax and model the collars to a prosthesis

Fixed Prosthesis

Waxer specifically designed for fixed prosthesis

Time saving during waxing in fixed prosthesis and diagnostic wax-ups, for temporary prostheses, orthodontics and skeletal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work with all type of wax?

Yes it does.

The Waxer can be used with any type of wax.

If the pierced tip is clogged due to impurities contained in the wax, what should be done?

the metal tank must be washed with boiling water, if the perforated tip is still clogged, the pin supplied must be inserted to remove the obstruction

If during use the waxer is inadvertently placed in a horizontal position and the wax flows to the back, what should be done?

The back of the waxer must be washed with boiling water

If the wax drips from the perforated tip without exerting any pressure, what should I do?

Make sure that the rear pin has been inserted correctly, if the wax still drips it means that it is too hot: you need to heat the wax less.

If wax is dripping from the perforated tip and the pin is inserted correctly and the wax is not too hot, what should I do?

If the wax drips from the perforated tip it means that it is not hot enough, it is necessary to heat the wax more.

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